April 14, 2014
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Johnson’s Landing Summer Swim Team


LO! That light at the end of the tunnel is THE SUN, glinting off the gently chlorinated waters of the Johnson’s Landing swimming pool!


Summer is almost here, and with it will come the need to nudge the children outside, soak up some SPF-slathered sunshine, and pass the idle hours in the company of the most interesting people in East Cobb.


In-person signups will be held on Saturday, April 19th from 12pm-2pm, immediately following the Johnson’s Landing Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Clubhouse, 1952 Beckett Drive, Marietta.


You know well the benefits to you, your children, and your community of participating in our swim team:


1) The summer days will have structure, and children will expend excess energy.

2) Swim meets are like a day at Disney World, both for parents and for children. Except they are FREE to all swim team members!


3) We get to know our neighbors, and also get exclusive information about summer parties.

4) Younger children can enjoy swim lessons, and older children can get LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE as junior coaches.


5) We have kept our team small, which means shorter meet nights, more individual attention from

 the coaches, and more races for the swimmers.

6) The chance to win valuable prizes at every meet!


Practices start on May 12th after school, at 1952 Beckett Drive, Marietta, GA.

Everyone who registers by on Saturday will receive a FREE Team t-shirt!

——-and there’s more!——-

For every new member you bring to the team, you will earn $10 credit from the concessions stand! We have three home meets this year: you can fund a feast!


Don’t wait! Go to www.jlswimteam.wix.com/1 or www.johnsonslanding.org and click the Swim Team button. You can download Registration and Vacation forms and email them to jlswimteam@gmail.com. Payments and forms can also be mailed to JL Swim Team, c/o Bridget Heneghan, 1947 Hastings St., Marietta, GA 30062.

Easter Egg Hunt

April 11, 2014

The Johnson’s Landing Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Next Saturday (April 19th) at 11:30am at the Clubhouse. Brings a dozen candy-filled eggs (per child) to 1947 Hastings St. the night before. Somewhere on the Clubhouse grounds, there will be a cash-filled Golden Egg!

Halloween and more

October 29, 2013

Hello neighbors!

First: I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to our neighborhood website – http://www.johnsonslanding.org/ When we post occasional items of general concern or interest, the information will be delivered to your email. Easy-peasy. You don’t have to check back, waiting for news…if there is something to tell, it comes straight to you. The website is where we post news like: “The pool is closed today so we can replace the chlorine pump.”

Second: PLEASE RSVP to iott@ehalc.com for the Halloween dinner party! This year, we will be serving hotdogs and hamburgers. Come one, Come all! THANKS to Chris Jones and Brenda Fisher for manning the grill! We will have sodas and water bottles and chips. It’s nothing fancy – just a great way to get your hyped-up kids out of the house until it’s time to trick-or-treat, and no dinner for mom to cook and clean up. Please let me know how many kids and adults will be eating – we want to have plenty. Starts at 5:30!

Third: We are updating the neighborhood directory (finally!) I am going to send the form for your family entry in a subsequent email. We will also have forms you can fill out and leave at the clubhouse on Thursday. It is up to you what information you want published. We are adding a line item now if you would like to add personal services or businesses – your kid mows lawns or baby sits; you have a wedding planner or landscape business; real estate or legal services – whatever service you want to put in (that is, of course, legal).

Fourth: It is time to renew covenants. We haven’t figured out if this round requires full quorum or not. If it does, we will have those documents to sign on Thursday as well. I love to walk, but knocking on every door in the ‘hood can really eat up a weekend.

Do you have a new neighbor? Please forward this info to them. We have many new families, and I do not have contact info for everyone.

I look forward to seeing you!


Ingrid Ott

1892 Clinton Drive

JL Board Member

Day Before Labor Day Party

August 30, 2013

Join your neighbors this Sunday for the last hurrah of summer — lobster and steak provided by the HOA; bring a side dish to share ….. ok, so the usual hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks provided; just thought that might grab your attention. Come Join Us!

Adult Luau This Saturday – 7pm at the Pool

August 14, 2013

Just a reminder the luau is this Saturday night, August 17th at 7:00. Please consider rsvp’ing to Leslie Moss mosswg@aol.com or 678-560-1708. Hope to see you there!

Update on neighborhood cat problem

August 7, 2013

Brenda Lewis has continued to capture, transport to the vet and pay for rabies shots and the neutering and spaying of the feral cats. So far, 3 cats, 2 female and 1 male have made the trip to the vet and back. One more male has just been captured. These efforts will help to reduce the cat population going forward. To date a few people have donated to the cause; expenses are nearing 400.00 so if you feel called to help out, please drop off a donation to Brenda – no amount is too small, lots of small amounts add up! If you’d like an accounting of the fees, just ask, she has all the documents. Thank-you again Brenda for seeing a need and taking action to make the neighborhood better.

Help needed with feral cat population

August 2, 2013

In an effort to control the feral cat population which has been a neighborhood issue for many years, Brenda Lewis has begun trapping the cats. She has already taken 2 of the cats to the vet for rabies shots and neutering/spaying. She is planning to continue to trap the other cats as well. Brenda has done all the leg work, and to date, paid all the bills. If you would like to donate to the cause of decreasing the cat population humanely please drop by Brenda’s with your contribution. No amount is too small (or too large!) Brenda lives at 2139 Carlyle Drive on the corner of Carlyle Dr and Carlyle Dr – house on the circle at the Oak Lane/Carlyle Dr entrance to the neighborhood.


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